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About Us

Ercom Computer Software Industry and Trade. Pvc windows and glass sector since 1997 is preparing a program. Windows-based programs that have been prepared as a user with the most important for the firm, Aware of this responsibility to the needs of our valued customers the best possible program to meet the constantly develops. Another feature of our company is located in the sector since 1983 has (12 years and Fıratpen Manufacturer Dealer of Pimapen - [the family corporation]) Is established by the programmer. This long experience, of course a very big plus for our program has brought with it. Our goal is to renew itself continuously to progress towards better results.

Mission - Vision

Computer and computer software programs essential PVC sector among the first was out of order is. I use the computer to increase rates oynamaktadır.Her big role last day of the new technology be added, big-spirited, profit, loss of accounts to the ease of analysis and thoroughness of the company want the replication of computer and software to use has become inevitable.

Computer Software Ercom Ltd. PVC industry in 1997 with industry-first software offering in the growing and renewing itself according to the reactions known to the industry in line with the needs of the software has directed. Information on the world followed closely by the mobilization of internal and external structure is always company, its software industry is always wise to keep.

In 1997, he first presented to the PVC sector, yet the program users had started to reach more professional than that simple with the use of more data to input a base program with the new version to work without losing any time, starting Ercom computer, this works like 3 years at a time when completed in 2001 for window manufacturers a professional program which Ercom 2000 'has begun to offer ni.

Window industry is a new impetus Ercom 2000 windows program activities with parametric structure to the fore out of the PVC program not as a window as production automation and Aluminum windows and wooden doors in the search for the program has taken place between.

Side window of my 2000 production program Ercom Software Ercom as the glass industry is not alone, Glass Cutting Optimization program and the completion of the software ERCOM CAM2000 PRO 's Single and Double Glass was presented to the glass manufacturers. Not limited by Computer Optimization Ercom all kinds of glass composite panel, hardboard etc.. materials sector by developing a software-based optimization, nu contain large impetus to this sector also has removed the software.

All of them, as well as small to medium-sized accounting firms to help prevent, to keep under control the movement of all current commercial purposes as set in software by completing the required facilities to provide these operators.
Ercom Software generated by the software to domestic and not compressed world known and often used in all languages by completing translations abroad was opened in the 68 countries currently at 1000 users, is home to 6000 'above the user to provide its services has become proud.
Technology brought new developments to follow, the industry's largest PVC window production machinery companies are new Murat Machine of the generated SC-220 NR-240 NR-260 NR-263 Super Segment and profile the work of processing machinery required for the software (CNC + Automation ) has signed the undertaking to a great success.

Besides the Murat Makine's TT-402, TT-542 TT-442 and cutting machines for the automation of software, the AC 1030 Kaban Machine Computerized Cutting Machine Automation of software, Yilmaz Machine DC 420P Computer Automation of software, Elumatec Machine Welding Machine of the 4 corners of the Automation software also has completed.

Finally for the production of shutters will be used to complete the work program for the production Ercom shutters and shutters manufacturers will resort to the inconvenience. Window each time the computer industry working for Ercom carefully and show maximum sensitivity to the way in this line is sure to continue in steps.

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